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The Checklist

chklostMore so than worrying about how much you eat it’s much better to focus on what you’re eating and also what you’re doing when it comes to weight-loss.  The following steps are a great jumping-off point for anyone contemplating a weight-loss regimen; implement them and you’ll supercharge your body’s ability to burn fat , shed excess pounds, and reach its full potential.

#1 eat real food

The importance of this can’t be overstated, hence, it’s #1.  And if you’re not sure what real food is, consult this.

#2 reduce carb intake

No, you don’t need to eliminate all carbs, but removing the primary offenders (grains, legumes, added sugars) is a great start, leaving you with healthier options, like fruits and veggies.  Try reading this, or for our visual learners check this out.

#3 move frequently at a slow pace

An often misunderstood, but nonetheless critical component to optimal health.  Chronic cardio is not only unnecessary, but is often harmful.  Instead, take time to walk, hike, bike, garden, play ultimate-frisbee or whatever else it is you enjoy doing that requires movement (excepting trips to and from the fridge).  Read this for more insight into the wonders of low-level aerobic activity.

#4 reduce stress

While acute stress can be desirable and healthy, chronic stress wreaks havoc on our bodies and serves to impede weight-loss goals.

#5 get your sleep!

For many of us there just never seem to be enough hours in the day, but do yourself a favor and don’t cut into your sleep time.  Getting adequate sleep each night plays a significant role in your overall health, as well as weight-loss efforts.

#6 sprint

I mentioned earlier how acute stressors can be good for the body, and occasional sprinting is a tremendous way to make that happen and spur your fat-burning capability.

#7 intermittent fasting (IF)

Believe it or not, skipping meals occasionally and reducing our feeding window can do wonders for weight-loss and overall health in general.  Check this out to learn about how advantageous skipping an occasional meal can be!