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About Me


I was born and raised in central Kentucky and, with exception of the four years I was in the Air Force, have lived here my whole life.  I studied history in college thinking that I might want to be a teacher, but that idea lost its luster soon after graduation.  In a strange twist of fate I took a sudden liking to health and physiology, which until then I had zero interest in, and proceeded to learn as much as I could.  Doing so really helped to crystallize just how dire our straits are when it comes to health in this country.  I’m hoping that through my work and this website, I’m able to provide people with the information and insight they need to make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle, thereby helping them to enjoy longer and more fulfilling lives.  In addition to history and health, I also enjoy sports, reading, traveling, and being outdoors in nature.  I’m looking forward to traversing as much as much of this great nation (and others) as I can to try and make a difference, one person at a time.  If that sounds appealing to you I hope you’ll join me, everyone can be an agent of change, with or without your own website!